• Becoming a 420nurse

    420 Patient Verified user interested in an internship. (model, rep, etc) with access to most website features. INTERN Featured model full access to what 420nurses offers + event invites + social media shoutouts ) upgraded to intern after the purchase of the intern kit. OFFICIAL INTERN By vote O...
  • How can I become a Member?

    Members may create a free profile gain access to the site.  You can create your Free Profile at
  • How does the site work?

    Members sign up and create a free profile to network, promote themselves , businesses, and or events. You can create your Free Profile at
  • How do to become a 420Nurse INTERN

    The 420nurses network  is a privilege to be featured on, it may expedite any girl’s dream of being a model/ photographer. By working as a group to get modeling gigs and working under a brand that is the fastest 420 recognized modeling brand. This can put you ahead of the competition and get you t...
  • How do you start ?

    We have 3 ways you can start We have an Intern kit
  • How username should I choose for my page?

    You can choose your real name or a miscellaneous nick name Example Karen Profile name is MaryJane
  • Should I buy my intern kit before other products?

    Yes, we recommend getting your intern kit before other products - Once you have Membership you will be able to be featured on + shoutouts on newsletter social media and more. You are also eligible to get your own store link.
  • What is

    social media platform made for the cannabis enthusiasts. Models can connect with fans and businesses in the cannabis industry.
  • Why am I Downgraded?

    In order to keep your lifetime membership you must be an active member to keep status and ranking with 420nurses. Active means to log in to the site and promote yourself rocking your 420nurses gear promoting and networking with other members on the site, If you do not log in within 120days to the...