How do to become a 420Nurse INTERN

The 420nurses network  is a privilege to be featured on, it may expedite any girl’s dream of being a model/ photographer. By working as a group to get modeling gigs and working under a brand that is the fastest 420 recognized modeling brand. This can put you ahead of the competition and get you to your goals faster.The 420Nurses & chapter leaders review you and your profile and vote on who will be the next official 420Nurse.

Are you interested in learning How to become a 420nurse?

Create a profile on  (Your profile is like your resume)

  1. Look into Intern Starter Kit includes (420Nurse Hat, Tank Tops, Business Cards, Bag)
  2. Promote yourself online, at events, with pictures & more

Intern Starter KIT Only $80 and includes

• 1 pc Nurse Hat

• 1 pc Tote Bag

• 3 pc Tanktops 

• 8 pc 5 Star review Stickers 

• 1000 Business Cards

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